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Android application design

In this article, we want to talk about Android application design.  With the growing need of humans for technology, cyberspace gives us the ability to draw the world’s attention to our business.  One way to achieve this goal is to build an application within the framework of the service or product provided by us. To build an application, we need to design an app, which we will talk about in the field of the Android operating system.  I will teach you how to produce a high-quality program in a short time.

 Types of application design

Application design is done online and offline.  This shows the advantage and convenience of designing a program over a website. Website design can only be done online.

 How to design an application

First, you need to determine the purpose of the program and what kind of program you want to design.  Then you need to consider the following features to make your program successful and efficient.  First, you need to determine what makes you successful, for example, the number of active users, the number of sales, or…  Next, find the budget you need to succeed.  Finally, you need to determine the application platform, the efficiency of the application features, and the purpose of the application after release.  These indicators bring you closer to success.

 Program design steps

There are many ways to build an Android app.  Introduction All of this is learning different programming languages ​​and IDEs. The easiest language to start in Java, which is best learned alongside NXML.  You need a good IDE after learning the programming language.  It is recommended that you learn to work with databases and the SQL language.  The only thing that makes you a professional programmer is practice.  The best way to practice the project is to use project sharing sites such as GateHub and GateLab.  It is better to get acquainted with the structure of the program before starting.

 Android application structure

In general, programs are divided into front and back.  Front and End is the visual part and what users see and includes the user interface, graphic design, and user interactions.  The backend section contains the user information section, the server code, and all that happens on the server.  Familiarity with this structure and observing the basic points will lead you to your desired success in building the application.

 Basic tips in program design

In addition to the learning we need to design, we need to learn the principles and tasks that our program promotes. The first step is to learn the combination of colors and the psychology of color, graphic software such as (photoshop, illustrator, Corel draw), and different types of faces.  Another point is to ensure the security of the application.  The last step is to research how to sell and market and choose the right one for your app.  Finally, by learning and following the principles, you can be one of the most successful designers in the field of Android applications.

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