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Website design

In this article, we want to talk to you about website design.  Even if you are new to the Internet, you have probably heard of web design many times.  Maybe you do not know the difference between programming and web design.  In the following, we want to briefly discuss the concept of website, web design, how it works ،and how it differs from web programming.

 Website concept

A website is, in general, a place on the Internet where a set of pages are collected for a specific purpose.  With the daily growth of cyberspace and the Internet, this space has become an important need in human life.  We can easily display our business-like in the real world.  To have a great business and even life, it makes more sense to be more familiar with this space.  To do this, we must first become familiar with web programming and web design.

 Concept of website design

How to plan to create a site on the Internet, which consists of a general and detailed structure, is called website design.  This programming is done on all text and audio and video files that have been programmed.  They all apply to a page that is visible in the browser.  Finally, with special changes, it is placed on the page by the web designer.

 Types of website design

In general, we have two types of website design, static and dynamic.  Static web design is for smaller sites with fixed content because a separate file is stored for each page of the website on the server.  As a result, the page is re-read whenever needed, so the page is fixed and the content is fixed and unchangeable. the site has a fixed page but the content can be changed and there is no need to rewrite the content to change the content.

 Differences between programming and web design

We need two parts to start the web.  One of them is the back end section, which is the code section or the hidden section of the site for visitors.  This section focuses on the setup and operation of the web and should use the programming language.  The web design section (Front End) is a display section for visitors that uses various codes to shape the appearance of the web.

 How web design works

In general, web design is a process that consists of web page layering, content production, graphic, and SEO principles.  To learn it, we must learn sign language.  The first step is learning HTML, which is the foundation.  Then CSS and finally JavaScript are required to do the web design or front end.

So far, you are familiar with the generalities of website design.  Each site is created for a purpose to be used based on content.  The most important principle in having a successful site is to use the principles of site design, optimization, and SEO targeting.  So that we can display the information inside the website in the best way to our target visitors.

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