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Who is the site designer?

In this article, we want to talk about who the site designer is and what his duties are.  In today’s modern world, the Internet covers more than half of the world’s needs.  Website design can promote a community in all areas. So, our familiarity with the expertise of the web designer can be of great help to you and your community.

Who is the site designer?

A site designer is someone who professionally designs web pages for a website.  Blogs, online stores, educational websites and corporate are some of the things that a web designer designs. site designer focuses on aesthetic elements and creates an effective effect to promote a website.  You may visit dozens of sites daily.  But ignore them.  The reason for this indifference can be the lack of beautiful elements of the site in accordance with its content.  It could also be a conflict of interest with your site or a non-standard site.

All of the above leads to improvement with site design.  The site designer pays more attention to the sections that can be displayed on the user’s site. sometimes coding is also required.  Now, with more familiarity with the duties of a site designer and its differences with a web developer, we will better understand the responsibilities of a web designer.

 The difference between a site developer and a site designer

First you need to know that you need both to have a powerful website.  The site designer is focusing on the front-end section, using creativity, updating and increasing the SEO of the site.  The web developer in the backend section helps to improve the site with coding, programming, etc.  If you want to have an efficient site, it is better that the site designer and the site developer work together.  This makes the result of a community-based project that is shaped by the integration of both ideas.  In the following, we will get acquainted with the work area of ​​the site designer in more detail.

 Site Designer Specialties

The most important characteristic of a web designer is creativity along with technical and coding skills. web designers typically use graphic software such as Photoshop and Illustrator .  This creates the look and feel of the website.  These graphical appearances are later coded by the web developer using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other programming languages.  The web designer must act in accordance with the wishes and interests of the users.  Productivity is simple for everyone and with beautiful cognitive techniques to improve the site.  In the following, we will discuss the skills you need to design a site.

 Skills of a web designer

In the first step, you should get acquainted with the design principles such as color, space, typography, functional image format and desired sizes.  Then, knowledge of HTML and CSS and the use of web fonts is important.  Finally, being up-to-date in design and development, understanding the wants and needs of users and networks, and framing are very important in competing with other websites.

As a result, by learning and following the principles you can be one of the most successful site designers.

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