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papinee website for childs

Papinee is a website with an attractive layout related to its topic. The soft colors that are used in every part of this website, lead the audience to the subject with a suitable view. The design of various Papinee components is in line with the slogan of this website and changes lives. The choice of colors and various components of the site is based on the principles of psychology, which is the main message of Papinee. This website is designed as a landing page and an effort has been made to reduce the need for switching between pages.

In the main menu of your website, you will find various options. A complete store has also been designed and launched for this website using the shop builder and the management of Shapifa store. Because this website is designed with themes related to children’s activities, the various clubs designed on the Papinee website with special charms and color-related themes will guide each viewer to its main path.

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